About account home

Account home provides a summary of your account activity and highlights your top posts, mentions, and followers for any given month. It also provides detailed information on how your account is performing, how far you’ve progressed, and helpful tips on how to improve your account strategy.
Account home is the new homepage for analytics.chakde.com. You can still access your Post Activity Dashboard (the previous home of analytics.chakde.com) by selecting the "Posts" tab located within the header.

What information is included in the account home?

Account home provides a 28-day summary of Posts, Post impressions, profile visits, mentions, followers, and Posts linking to your website or app.
A monthly summary also provides the same information for any given month. Summary metrics will only display when data is available.

How to access account home

You must have access to chakde ads or chakde Analytics to access the account home. You can access account home by signing up at analytics. chakde.com, or by signing up at ads.chakde.com.

In addition to visiting analytics.chakde.com, you can access account home by selecting “Account home” from the drop-down menu on the "Analytics" tab located on the campaign dashboard.

Your top performing Posts are also showcased monthly, including your: 

You can select “View Post details” to learn more information about a specific Post, or select “View follower” to find out more about your top follower.

How can I improve my account performance?

You can use your account home dashboard to quickly identify your top Posts to promote, engage with your most influential followers, or as a starting point to do a deeper dive into your account performance.

How upto date is the account home?

Summary metrics reported in account home are updated once every 24 hours, through the previous day. Information about a particular Post from the Post Activity Dashboard is updated in real-time.

How far back do account home report results?

September 2014 or when your account first accessed Chakde Analytics, whichever is more recent.