Why Chakde?

ChakeDe is a platform designed for you, by people just like you. It’s a platform that helps you reconnect with old friends and make new ones – on your terms and when you want to.

  • We won’t intrude upon your time, grab your attention or nudge you towards products or services that you don’t need.
  • What we will do is provide you a safe platform to communicate, connect and celebrate your interests, your culture, and your roots.
  • We respect your privacy. So, you can be assured that your activities will not be tracked, your data will not be commercialized, your information will not be compromised in any way.
  • We value your efforts to stay connected to the country of your birth, your community, the place you call home – then and now.
  • We believe quality is more important than quantity. Which is why we look beyond just ‘numbers’ and encourage authentic connections.
  • If what we are saying resonates with you, we invite you to be part of the ChakDe family. Create your profile , use the platform , give us your feedback and spread the word .